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Ottawa Real Estate Forum 2024: Comprehensive Guide

Join us at the Ottawa Real Estate Forum 2024, where over 700 senior decision-makers will gather at the Shaw Centre to discuss the transformative shifts in Ottawa’s commercial real estate market.

What is the Ottawa Real Estate Forum?

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum is a premier event that brings together over 700 senior decision-makers from the commercial real estate industry. This influential forum will be held on October 2, 2024, at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. Attendees will explore the transformative shifts occurring in Ottawa’s commercial real estate (CRE) market and learn how to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the National Capital Region.

Overview of the Event

The forum is the only real estate event specifically covering the Ottawa & Gatineau markets. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the forum focuses on the evolving landscape of commercial real estate, providing insights on how changes are shaping the future of the region.

History and Significance

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum has a rich history of bringing together key players in the real estate sector. Over the years, it has become a pivotal event where industry leaders gather to discuss trends, share knowledge, and forge strategic partnerships. This forum plays a crucial role in shaping the strategies and decisions that drive the real estate market in the National Capital Region.

Key Highlights and Reasons to Attend

  • High-level Networking: Connect with over 700 senior decision-makers, including more than 200 building owners, developers, and investors.
  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge from 60+ influential speakers from leading commercial real estate institutions and government.
  • Strategic Discussions: Participate in discussions on investment trends, asset repositioning, development, leasing, and financing of all property classes.
  • Future Planning: Understand how economic conditions and new regulations like zoning by-laws, Bills 23 and 109, and the Planning Act affect the market.
  • Professional Development: Earn continuing education credits and enhance your professional growth.

Who Attends the Ottawa Real Estate Forum?

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum attracts a diverse group of professionals from various segments of the commercial real estate industry. Attendees are primarily senior decision-makers, making this event a critical opportunity for networking and forging valuable connections.

Profile of Typical Attendees

The forum brings together over 700 attendees, including more than 200 building owners, developers, and investors. These participants represent a broad spectrum of the industry, encompassing:

  • Building Owners and Developers: Individuals and companies involved in property development and ownership, seeking insights into market trends and investment opportunities.
  • Institutional Investors: Representatives from institutions such as pension funds, insurance companies, and investment firms that are active in the real estate market.
  • Fund Managers and Investment Bankers: Professionals managing real estate investment funds and those involved in structuring and financing real estate deals.
  • Life Insurers and REITs: Participants from real estate investment trusts and insurance companies focusing on real estate investments.
  • Brokers, Lawyers, and Appraisers: Real estate brokers, legal experts, and property appraisers who play critical roles in transactions and market evaluations.

Networking Opportunities

The forum is structured to facilitate numerous in-person networking opportunities. With attendees coming from diverse geographical regions, including Toronto, Montreal, and other Canadian provinces, the event is designed to maximize interactions and relationship-building.

  • Smart Matchmaking App: Utilize the forum’s matchmaking app to connect with like-minded attendees. This tool helps arrange meetings and conversations before, during, and after the event, ensuring that participants make the most of their networking time.
  • Prearranged Meetings: Take advantage of prearranged meetings to establish strategic partnerships and engage in meaningful discussions with influential decision-makers.

Benefits of Attending

  • Access to Key Players: Meet and interact with senior executives and decision-makers from various segments of the real estate industry.
  • Strategic Insights: Gain insights from discussions and presentations by leading experts in commercial real estate.
  • Enhanced Professional Network: Expand your professional network by connecting with peers and potential business partners.
  • Market Knowledge: Stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the Ottawa and Gatineau real estate markets.


Attending the Ottawa Real Estate Forum offers invaluable opportunities for networking, learning, and professional growth. By connecting with key players and gaining insights into market trends, attendees can strategically position themselves for success in the dynamic real estate landscape of the National Capital Region.

What Are the Key Topics Discussed?

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum covers a wide array of topics that are crucial to understanding and navigating the commercial real estate market. These discussions provide attendees with the latest insights, trends, and strategies relevant to the industry.

Overview of Topics Covered

The forum’s agenda is meticulously curated with input from an advisory council, ensuring that the most pressing and relevant issues are addressed. Key topics include:

  • Weathering Economic Uncertainty: Discussions on how current economic conditions impact the real estate market and strategies to mitigate risks.
  • New Zoning By-laws and Legislation: Insights into Ottawa’s plans concerning new zoning by-laws, Bills 23 and 109, and the Planning Act, and their implications for the real estate sector.
  • Investment Trends: Examination of what assets investors are looking for and where CAP values are heading in Ottawa.
  • Development and Leasing: Exploration of trends in property development and leasing strategies across various property classes.
  • Financing: Analysis of financing options and trends affecting real estate transactions.

Detailed Look at Key Issues

Economic Impact and Strategies

  • Economic Trends: Understanding the macroeconomic factors influencing the Ottawa real estate market.
  • Risk Mitigation: Strategies for managing economic uncertainty and maintaining investment stability.

Zoning By-laws and Legislation

  • Zoning Changes: How new zoning by-laws will affect property development and usage.
  • Legislative Impacts: The implications of Bills 23 and 109, and changes in the Planning Act for real estate professionals.

Investment Roundtable

  • Asset Preferences: Identifying the types of assets currently in demand among investors.
  • CAP Values: Projections for CAP rates in Ottawa and how they influence investment decisions.

Importance of Each Topic

  • Economic Uncertainty: Staying informed about economic trends helps investors and developers make better decisions in a volatile market.
  • Legislative Changes: Understanding new laws and regulations ensures compliance and helps in strategic planning for future developments.
  • Investment Insights: Knowing what assets are in demand and the projected CAP values helps investors allocate resources more effectively.
  • Development and Leasing: Insights into development and leasing trends help real estate professionals maximize returns on their properties.
  • Financing Options: Knowledge of the latest financing trends and options supports more informed decision-making in real estate transactions.

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum provides a comprehensive look at the key topics that shape the commercial real estate market. By addressing economic impacts, legislative changes, investment trends, and more, the forum equips attendees with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed in the evolving landscape of Ottawa’s real estate market.

How to Register and Attend?

Registering for the Ottawa Real Estate Forum is a straightforward process designed to ensure that attendees can easily secure their spots and make the most of the event. Here’s a detailed guide on how to register and what you need to know about attending.

Steps to Register

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the Ottawa Real Estate Forum’s official website.
  2. Select the Registration Option: Choose the appropriate registration category that suits your profile, such as general admission, early bird, or group registration.
  3. Fill Out the Registration Form: Provide necessary details including name, contact information, and professional background.
  4. Payment: Complete the payment process using the available payment methods.
  5. Confirmation: Receive a confirmation email with your registration details and further instructions.

Benefits of Early Registration

  • Discounted Rates: Secure your spot at the lowest possible price before prices increase.
  • Priority Access: Early registrants often receive priority for access to exclusive sessions and networking events.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Early registration may also provide opportunities to explore sponsorship packages tailored to your business goals.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum Sponsorship Program is designed to maximize corporate exposure for sponsors. Each sponsorship level offers a unique package of value-added benefits, ensuring that sponsors receive significant visibility and engagement.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Platinum Sponsor: Top-tier visibility and extensive benefits including prime booth location, multiple speaking opportunities, and exclusive networking access.
  • Gold Sponsor: High visibility with benefits such as prominent logo placement, speaking slots, and premium networking opportunities.
  • Silver Sponsor: Enhanced exposure through logo placements, promotional materials, and access to networking sessions.

Registration Deadlines

  • Early Bird Registration: Ends on [specific date], offering the lowest rates.
  • Regular Registration: Open until the week of the event.
  • Late Registration: Available but subject to availability and higher fees.

Registering for the Ottawa Real Estate Forum is your gateway to a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities in the commercial real estate market. By securing your spot early, you can take advantage of discounted rates and exclusive benefits, ensuring a valuable and enriching experience at the forum.

Who are the Key Speakers?

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum features a roster of over 60 influential speakers from leading commercial real estate institutions, property management organizations, and various levels of government. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and insights, making the forum a pivotal event for attendees.

Introduction to Key Speakers

The speakers at the forum are carefully selected to provide diverse perspectives on the commercial real estate market. Some of the prominent speakers include:

  • Shawn Hamilton: Principal at Proveras Commercial Realty, known for his expertise in commercial property management and development.
  • Candice Lerner-Fry: First Vice President of Leasing at Marcus & Millichap, who brings valuable insights into leasing strategies and market trends.
  • Michael Polowin: Partner and National Municipal Group Leader at Gowling WLG, specializing in municipal law and zoning regulations.

Topics They Will Cover

Shawn Hamilton

  • Commercial Property Management: Discussing the latest trends and best practices in managing commercial properties efficiently.
  • Development Strategies: Exploring innovative development strategies and how they can be applied in the Ottawa market.

Candice Lerner-Fry

  • Leasing Market Trends: Providing an overview of current leasing trends and future projections.
  • Attracting Tenants: Sharing strategies for attracting and retaining tenants in commercial properties.

Michael Polowin

  • Zoning Regulations: Offering insights into recent changes in zoning laws and their implications for real estate development.
  • Municipal Law: Discussing the impact of municipal regulations on property development and investment.

Importance of Their Expertise

The expertise of these speakers is crucial for attendees looking to navigate the complexities of the commercial real estate market. Their presentations will cover a range of topics, providing valuable information that can help attendees make informed decisions and stay ahead of market trends.

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum boasts an impressive lineup of speakers who are leaders in their respective fields. By attending their sessions, participants can gain critical insights into the latest trends and strategies in commercial real estate, making the forum an invaluable resource for professionals in the industry.

How is the Current Economic Environment Affecting the Market?

The current economic environment significantly impacts the commercial real estate market in Ottawa. Understanding these effects helps industry professionals adapt their strategies and make informed decisions.

Overview of Economic Conditions

The global economic landscape is experiencing various challenges, including inflation, interest rate fluctuations, and supply chain disruptions. These factors collectively influence the commercial real estate market in Ottawa.

Specific Impacts on the Ottawa Real Estate Market

Inflation and Interest Rates

  • Inflation: Rising inflation increases the cost of construction materials and labor, impacting the overall cost of property development and maintenance.
  • Interest Rates: Higher interest rates lead to increased borrowing costs, which can deter investment in new projects and affect the profitability of existing ones.

Supply Chain Disruptions

  • Construction Delays: Disruptions in the supply chain cause delays in construction projects, leading to increased costs and postponed completions.
  • Material Shortages: Shortages of key construction materials can halt projects and force developers to seek alternative solutions, often at higher costs.

Strategies Employed by Market Players

Risk Mitigation

  • Diversification: Investors are diversifying their portfolios to spread risk across different property types and geographical areas.
  • Flexible Leasing: Offering flexible leasing terms to attract and retain tenants, providing stability in uncertain economic times.

Innovative Solutions

  • Technology Integration: Utilizing technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs in property management and development.
  • Sustainable Practices: Adopting sustainable building practices to meet regulatory requirements and appeal to environmentally conscious tenants.

Market Analysis

Despite economic challenges, the Ottawa real estate market shows resilience. Key sectors such as office, retail, and industrial real estate continue to adapt to changing conditions, demonstrating flexibility and innovation.

  • Office Space: Demand for flexible office spaces is increasing as companies adopt hybrid working models.
  • Retail: The retail sector is evolving with the growth of e-commerce, leading to a shift in demand towards logistics and warehousing spaces.
  • Industrial: The industrial real estate market remains strong, driven by the need for distribution centers and warehouses to support online retail.

Understanding the impact of the current economic environment on the Ottawa real estate market is crucial for industry professionals. By employing strategic measures and innovative solutions, market players can navigate these challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

What are the Main Investment Opportunities?

Identifying and capitalizing on investment opportunities is essential for success in the commercial real estate market. The Ottawa Real Estate Forum highlights key investment trends and opportunities, providing valuable insights for investors.

Highlight of Investment Opportunities

The forum covers various investment opportunities across different property classes, including office, retail, industrial, and multi-unit residential properties. Key areas of focus include:

  • Asset Repositioning: Transforming underperforming or obsolete properties into valuable assets.
  • Development Projects: Investing in new developments, especially in areas with high growth potential.
  • Green Buildings: Emphasizing sustainable and energy-efficient buildings to meet increasing environmental standards and tenant demands.

Insights from Investment Roundtables

Asset Preferences

  • Office Space: Investment in flexible and hybrid office spaces to accommodate changing work patterns.
  • Retail Properties: Focusing on retail properties with strong e-commerce logistics support.
  • Industrial Real Estate: Continued demand for industrial properties, driven by the growth of online retail and logistics.

CAP Values

  • Projections: Discussion on the future trends of CAP rates in Ottawa, helping investors make informed decisions about property valuations and investment returns.
  • Market Trends: Analysis of how CAP rates are influenced by economic conditions and market demand.

Future Trends in Investments

Technology Integration

  • PropTech: Investing in property technology to enhance property management, improve tenant experiences, and increase operational efficiency.
  • Smart Buildings: Development of smart buildings equipped with advanced technologies to attract high-quality tenants and reduce operating costs.


  • Eco-friendly Developments: Focusing on sustainable developments that meet environmental regulations and appeal to eco-conscious investors and tenants.
  • Renewable Energy: Investing in properties that incorporate renewable energy sources, reducing long-term energy costs and environmental impact.

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum provides a comprehensive overview of the main investment opportunities in the commercial real estate market. By understanding asset preferences, CAP values, and future trends, investors can strategically position themselves to take advantage of the evolving market dynamics and achieve sustainable growth.




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